Sunday, April 11, 2010

Being the Man of the House.

Gathering my thoughts after having lived a year of being the man of the house,it is with a happy realisation that i say we have a very strong self mechanism to invite all kinds of changes that life take us through.Living away from home has just been so ordinary...welcoming and inviting.Hansraj college invited me to the sprit of unification of different minds.It has been a celebration of learning together.... making ways out of the ordinary and choosing to live the life of a free soul.So as i locked the door of my room myself before skipping off to write my maiden university examination, i just knew there were hundred other faces doing the same.I was confident from within...looking forward to bright days of uncertainity and hope.


  1. Shobshomoei jibonmukhi! Philosophical bachha!

  2. oh!stealthily some big man has commented;i noticed so late :P