Thursday, June 24, 2010

Walking down the Beaten Paths

Time flies;life changes overnight;and make us sail through the same green days we've wanted to live through.It gives us much food for thought.Why do things happen inevitably?Why do things turn around when we have already decided things have lost way.Walking down the roads,i realise we cannot do away with our sentiments even when we choose to live the hard way.The endearing charm of naive expressions that make our inner-self happy generates a lot of affection within us and pulls us back to the beaten paths.We start living with ways we belong to,the ways that belong to us,and make us blessed.So the smile that was supposed to shine,rises from the corner of our lips and we continue to keep up the battle,live with dreams.We are lucky if we are truely loved and inspired by that love.Believing this,we live for that love and count our blessings.